More Watercoloring Card Samples–crayons & markers

Today I wanted to share a couple more samples from my watercoloring class.  In my last post, I shared a card we did using chalks and for today, I thought I’d show some cards using watercolor crayons and markers.  As you can see, the medium you use for your watercoloring gives you totally different effects!

Also, one more PSA – I always tell folks that the paper you stamp on makes a huge difference in your image quality and with watercoloring that is especially true.  Both of the techniques I ‘m showing you today need watercolor paper.  With the crayons, your image will not stamp well on the semi-gloss of Whisper White paper and with markers, you’ll tend to have your paper pill up or curl.

Watercolor Crayons



This card uses the watercolor crayons and I’ll admit it isn’t the best sample in the world; but it shows you how the crayons give you a more artsy watercolor look. With the crayons you color directly on your stamp and then mist it with water before stamping.  So, depending on how much you color on your stamp and how much water you use, you will get a more or less “blurred” image when you stamp.

tip: Be careful not to completely douse your stamp with water when you are wetting it because you can either have your colors run together or become so diluted that they barely color your page.

Watercoloring with markers



This is one of my favorite watercoloring techniques because it is so easy and I really like the look you get from it.  This technique uses markers to lay down your color and then using your blender pen to pull the color around to fill in your stamped area.  When I was a kid, I used to outline my pictures in my coloring books and then color in lightly inside the lines and so it gave me a similar effect as I got on this card.  So, maybe this has always been my thing. 🙂

tip: You will want to pick a medium to dark color marker for this technique.  If you use a lighter shade, you won’t really see the colors very well as you blend them into your open spaces.

Well, I hope this gave you some new ideas to try!  They are all so different and fun that it is worth trying them all!

If you haven’t done any watercoloring before, pick up some blender pens, watercolor paper, and your favorite color method (like ink pads, markers, chalks, etc).  Need help deciding which to start with?  Send me a note at and I’ll help you figure it all out and get them on their way to you!


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