2019-20 Stampin’ Up Discontinued List is Out!

Last Chance Product list graphic for Stampin Up 2019-2020

It is that time of year where Stampin’ Up has released their list of what items are being discontinued as of June 2020. I knew a lot of the designer paper, ribbons, and embellishments would be saying good bye; but this year I was surprised by how many stamps, dies, and staples are going too!

One nice note is that a lot of items are discounted and many high value items like dies and embossing folders are deeply discounted!

Be aware though – while stamp sets are guarenteed available until mid-May, everything else is while supplies last. And things ARE selling out!

Last Chance Products header for Stampin' Up 2019-2020 catalogs

Here are the quick links to see what all is being discontinued. View the PDFs to be able to scan for discounted items, view the online store to see pictures!

I was shocked by some items that are retiring… but there is lots to look forward to in the new catalog as well! 🙂

Order your Stampin Up Retiring items
before they sell out HERE

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