Do it yourself card kit – Holiday edition

Ok, so in my last couple posts, I’ve shown a bunch of different designs 5 of which be the set we do at the Holiday Stamp-a-Stack this saturday (space still available, email me to join!).  I’ve also mentioned offering a card kit for those folks who can’t attend the workshop this weekend since I know lots of folks are busy or live further away. 

After reviewing the cards we are doing at the workshop, I realized that one of the cards (the Seasons Greetings glittery trees) is a bit hard to do in a kit unless you have some specific supplies at home already.  So, I’m changing up a little the designs for the kit.  The following are the default cards for the DIY kit.  However, if you have a favorite card that isn’t in the set, just let me know and we can look at swapping it in.

Kit includes: precut paper, envelopes, accessories, and instructions.  Cost – $20 plus free shipping.




Email me at to order your kit today!

2 responses to “Do it yourself card kit – Holiday edition”

  1. KR @ A little bit of life on the side, a dear friend of mine from back home, sent me to you site! She’s been telling me all about the cards she’s been doing! I’m jealous! If I lived there I’d so be doing this with you all!

    great cards!!

  2. Thanks for the note, Deborah! KR is awesome, huh? 🙂 Well, your note inspired me to add an extra blog candy as well. I’ll be also giving away a mini-card kit. So maybe you can be making cards with us, just from afar!

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