A Fall Colors Thanks with Seasonally Scattered

Do you ever have one of those cards that seems like a great idea in your head… you start to put it together, and it just doesn’t exactly work out like you were picturing.  Then when you are done, you just don’t quite love the card – even though it looks totally fine to everyone else BUT you? 

Well, this card is one of those for me.  I made it AGES ago but something never quite turned out the way I was hoping – not that I could tell you what that something was, I just knew something was bugging me.  So I set the card aside and moved on, and now, I can look at the card and start to like it again.

See, not bad…. actually has some fun parts to it really. Smile 

Tips for making this card:

  • Yes, I colored those flowers and leaves with markers. And yes, it took a while. But I found it to be very calming and relaxing which was nice.  I sat there with my 2014 In Color marker collection and patiently colored all the leaves, flowers, and lines.  It is worth it in the end!
  • Make your letters of your sentiment stand out more by outlining them with a marker – in this case with the Hello Honey marker.
  • Use the stamp again, only this time stamped with Crumb Cake ink to form a decorative border around the outside mat area!  Since the center will be covered up, you can have the word part be in the middle of your Crumb Cake cardstock and just cover over the “thanks” part with your White stamped cardstock.

    • Tear the edges of the Crumb Cake cardstock for a more rustic look to your card.
    • Wrap a piece of Blackberry Bliss ribbon around the front of the card and slightly under the bottom edge of your stamped sentiment.  Then tie your bow with a DIFFERENT piece of Blackberry Bliss ribbon and attach to the ribbon on the front of your card with glue dots.  Keeps it all nice and clean and smooth.

    You can mix and match this same design with different colors and stamps for lots of fun different looks for your card!  In fact, I actually rejected this card for my Convention Display Board submissions because I thought it was an almost identical design to this love card!  If you don’t look closely they don’t seem the same, but check out the layers and elements and you’ll see what I mean!

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