Where Do You Go for Inspiration for Your Cards?

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Today is my day for sharing some fun ideas and inspiration over on the Stylin’ Stampin’ Inkspiration blog.  And so I thought I would share one unusual place I have found for getting new mojo juices flowing…. my mailbox!  Crate & Barrel ads to be exact!

So, I show two samples using two different ads on the design team blog but I thought I’d give you a sampling of one of the cards I created.  Here is the card –

And here is the inspiration –

Do you see any similarities? 

I just loved the colors in this ad and as I started putting together my card, I kept pulling design elements that caught my eye and putting them into the card (like the rivets on the couch as an example). 

I love the idea of using “found” inspiration like these ads; but I’ve gotten inspired and snapped cell phone pictures while shopping in Target and other stores.  It gives you a jumping off point without guiding you to make the exact same thing other people are making.

And if you want to see more, check out the SSInkspiration blog for one more Crate and Barrel ad and a totally different look for a card (think gold, black, and curry!)


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2 Comments on “Where Do You Go for Inspiration for Your Cards?”

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