Short pause in posts

Hi all, I just wanted to put up a quick post since I’m being a bit slow this week. Earlier this weekend I must have hurt a back muscle as I haven’t been very mobile the last couple days. I went to the dr this evening and was given prescriptions for some meds which may make me loopy for a couple days. End result – I’m going to try to get some posts together, but I might be a bit slow over the next couple days. I plan to be back this weekend though. I have to get my samples all ready for my next class this sunday!

And in case you are interested in joining us – I’m hosting a Gift Bags, Boxes, and Tags workshop on Sunday, Dec 7th at my home. We will be making a couple different style boxes and bags, and you will take home a stack of gift tags. It should be lots of fun and totally useful! If you are not in the area or can’t make it, I will be offering completed kits which I can ship to you. Email me if you are interested in attending or being sent a completed kit.

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