Kicking it up with Interactive Scrapbooking

At convention this year, I had the chance to participate in a class taught by Sherrill Graff on Interactive Scrapbooking.  It was one of those times when I found myself going, “WOW!” over something that was fairly easy but so cool.  So, when I got home, I knew I had to share it with others.  So, today I held an interactive scrapbooking class.  We made two 12×12 pages consisting of layering page protectors and filling them with designer paper.  It was so much fun and since everyone had picked different designer paper, it was cool to see how everyone put their pages together.

So, here is the first layout we did.

I loved this page because I thought the hinge using the Round Tab punch was so clever!  We cut a 9 1/2” x 11 inch piece of paper and glued that to our base 12×12 paper.  Then we punched 4 tab punches and folded them in half to make our hinges.  You glue half of the tab punchout to half of your 2nd punch out, then make the part that is not glued together (so it looks kind of like a mouth) glue it down to either side of your 6×6 page protector.

Then we did the mother of all interactive layouts!  This uses one 12×12 page protector and 5 6×6 page protectors.  Is like a mini-album in your scrapbook!

You adhere your 6×6 page protectors to the 12×12 page protector and then glue a 1”x6” piece of paper over the tab of plastic that has the holes for putting it in your album.  Its so fun because you can have elements from the lower pages be exposed on the right side when you first open to this page.  In my case, I have a curly label punch that says “Party Hearty” on page 2 and the CKC from page 3.  Here is what it looks like from the inside:

Too much fun!

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Project Supplies:

  • 1 pkg 12×12 ring page protectors – item 104522 ($10.95)
  • 1 pkg 6×6 ring page protectors – item 104521 ($ 6.95)
  • 1 pkg designer series paper – I used Celebrations, item 117164 ($9.95)
  • round tab punch – item 119864 ($16.95)
  • sticky strip – item 104294 ($6.95)
  • snail – item 104332 ($6.95)
  • paper cutter – item 104152 ($24.95)

6 responses to “Kicking it up with Interactive Scrapbooking”

  1. I love any little “secret” pockets or unexpected hinged page elements. As you say, It makes the project much more interactive and multi dimensional…. great in mini books too.

    Great job!

  2. I also went to convention this year (yay! wasn’t it awesome?!) I really LOVE your album. I’ve been racking my brain to try to come up with a scrapbook class. Do you think it’s cost/time effective? Very pretty. Awefully Smart!!!

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