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So, today was going to be a post sharing a project I did recently; but then Stampin’ Up! released a video by Shelli Gardner talking about creativity and Stampin’ Up! and almost the entire video is the camera panning around some AMAZING sample rooms.  Yes, rooms! 

See, in the home office, they have this area that is kind of like a museum where they have set up different spaces like rooms in a house.  Then, they have decorated the walls, the furniture, the surfaces, etc with décor and projects made using Stampin’ Up! materials.  So, there will be Décor Elements (vinyl) on the walls and cards on the desk.  Wall hangings and organization containers…you name it, they probably have it and have it looking like the showroom in a Pottery Barn type catalog.

When I was in town for convention a couple years ago, I got to wander through and it was awesome!  Here is are a couple pictures of what it looked like at the time:


As you can see, lots of inspiration to be found!  So, after watching this video from Shelli, I found even more inspiration and I knew I had to share it with you.

  I’m going to watch it again and write down more things to try.  First up is the pinwheel card that I really want to make.  So, check it out and let me know what projects and ideas caught your eye. 


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