A Curly Cute Congratulations

So, to continue the celebratory mood, I thought I would post a fun little Congratulations card.  I actually made this card while traveling in Portland and so I was limited to mostly scraps and a small amount of supplies I had on hand.  However, having limited resources can sometimes bring out some cool combinations you wouldn’t have thought of before.

For example, in this card, I wanted a hint of color and had some scraps of the Elegant Soiree DSP and the Greenhouse Gala DSP.  Mix them together and you get a neat collage of patterns.  Plus, they were mellow enough colors that I thought they would do well to accent a piece of Elegant Eggplant cardstock for the base (oohh… did you see what I did there?  Elegant Soiree and Elegant Eggplant!  Ok, yeah, that was totally accidental, but I’ll still call it fate.)  🙂

I added some adhesive backed pearls to the corners for a little extra flair and finished it off with a box from Old Olive satin ribbon.  And let me just say, this is the easiest bow you will ever make! 

To make the bow:
Cut one length of ribbon and adhere the ends together making a loop.  Then, cut a second piece of the ribbon and wrap it around your first loop, adhering the ends of that second piece together to make the cinch in the middle of your box.  Stick to your card with glue dots and you’re done!  No tying required!

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