Wonderful Friend Vintage Card

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Today I thought I’d share another card I came up with while playing with ideas for the Valentine’s workshop.  I was figuring that not everyone would need four red and pink cards and so I was trying to come up with some more non-traditional cards.  That way they had something … Read More

A Curly Cute Congratulations

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So, to continue the celebratory mood, I thought I would post a fun little Congratulations card.  I actually made this card while traveling in Portland and so I was limited to mostly scraps and a small amount of supplies I had on hand.  However, having limited resources can sometimes bring … Read More

A Curly Cute Thank You

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Well, guess what?  My camera battery died and I don’t have my charger with me.  Sigh.  Thankfully my cell phone takes decent pictures and so i was able to get a couple reasonable shots to last me until i can get my battery charged. I wanted to share this card … Read More