Using the word window punch

Yesterday I was asked by someone about ideas for different ways the word window punch could be used.  Now, one thing I love about paper punches is that they tend to be pretty versitile and the word window is no exception.  As I started brainstorming all the ways I’ve seen this punch used and new and different ideas I could try, I was amazed at how long the list was getting.  Now, I’m pretty inspired to play with some of the techniques myself.  If only it wasn’t midnight when I was ready to get punchy.  🙂

So, this week I’m going to be working on projects that include different ways to use the word window punch.  Since I didn’t have time to make something new last night, I figured I’d put up some older stuff I had already completed (these are pretty simple uses but the first ones I found on short notice).  Tonight I’ll get cranking on some new, more complicated projects. 

6×6 scrapbook page
small card – design by Denise Rolak


Here are some additional ideas for using the word window punch. Leave me a note if there is a particular technique you want to see and I post a sample. 🙂

  • stamp a word and punch it out on one color of cardstock and glue that down on top of a different color of cardstock.  Often I will use the word window punch the entire length, but you can easily customize the length of the window you want to use by punching out your word once and then sliding in the paper from the side of the punch and punching again to make a shorter window.
  • use a stamp that makes an entire phrase or group of words, then stamp again on a different paper using a different color of ink or on a different color of cardstock and use the word window punch to punch out only select words or parts of the phrase.  Glue the word(s) you punched out over the first stamped image to emphasize those words
  • Stamp and decorate the front of your card and then punch a hole all the way through the card front.  Then stamp a word or phrase on the inside of the card so it is showing through when the card is closed
  • Stamp a word and punch it out.  Then use brads to attach the punched-out paper.  Similarly, you can use eyelets in the ends of your punched-out paper and even thread the ¼” grosgrain ribbon through the eyelets to make it look like a tied on label.
  • I’ve also seen some cute uses of the word window punch where you glue ¾ of the punched paper onto a base cardstock or printed paper and either cut off the extra ¼ of the punched paper that hangs over the edge or wrap it around and under the base cardstock.  Stamp a word and/or use a brad or eyelet to accent the round edge showing on the paper and it is super cute.
  • Stamp or print names on paper and punch them out.  Then using twine, attach them as labels or tags to gifts or as accents to cards or scrapbook pages.
  • Layer this punch with other punches.  Punch out a piece of paper using the wide oval or the key tag punch.  Then punch out the center of that paper using your word window punch.  This gives you endless ways to make your own window tags.  You can even use a versamark pad on the double punched paper and then use a gold or silver embossing powder to make it look like a metal tag.  Punch the word window punch twice inside your oval or key tag punch to make the inside opening even wider.
  • The word window punch also layers on top of the large oval punch well.  In this case, I would recommend punching out the oval in one color or print of paper and then punching out the word window in another color or print of paper and glue together.
  • Use the word window punch to make die cut shapes.  I’ve seen #2 pencils and can imagine popsicles, birthday candles, lollipops (use a circle punch for the pop part), flower stems, etc.
  • Create tabs for the edge of scrapbook pages, cards, or even projects like mini-books.  To do this, you want to hold the punch so you are looking at the metal opening on the bottom.  Slide your paper in until the edge of the paper is halfway into the punch and then squeeze the punch.    Move down the edge of the paper and do the same thing to create the other side of your tab.
  • Spinner cards – With these cards, you decorate a front of a card and then punch out a long path using the word window punch.  Then, using stampin dimensional and a couple pennies, you can create a card that when tilted, spins a stamped image down the path you punched out.  
  • Tab & Slot cards – similar to creating a tab for accenting a page or layout, you can use the word window punch to create a tab in the center of one edge of a trifold card.  Fold your card with the ratio of 1:1:1/2 (so for example take a 7.5” x 3” piece of paper and fold it in rough thirds at 3” and 6”.)  On one short edge use the punch to create a tab.  On the other short edge, punch a word window slot slightly away from the edge.  Fold your card up and tuck the tab into the window slot.
  • Double Slider cards – These cards expose the card message by the reader pulling up on part of the card, which causes an additional piece of cardstock to slide up and be exposed as well.  It’s a fun pop-up book feel to a card.  This technique could be adapted for use in an interactive scrapbook page as well.

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