Organizing my craft room

Between the big color renovation, the old catalog retirement, and getting ready for convention, my craft area had become a disaster zone.  You know the feeling… table buried under paper scraps, adhesive backing, ribbon, stamps, half completed projects.

IMG_1103Well, I decided it was time to dig out and get organized so I can start using all the cute and fun new stuff that I’ve gotten recently.  Now I’ve gotten everything put away and it is definitely more motivating to craft.

If you have any tips or tricks for organizing, I’d love to hear about them.  Please leave a comment and/or a link to a photo of your creative organizational techniques.

For me, I love this bookshelf I got at IKEA (its called Besta).  It is very strong, which I need for all the paper I’ve accumulated. Smile I have a shelf for retired stamps, ribbon, current stamps, cardstock, 12×12 paper, ink, wheels, and misc other stuff.  Plus the doors keep it out of the sun and away from little baby fingers.

Tip: Turn you paper holders (the mazagine file style) on their backs so what is normally the top is pointed to the front.  This makes it really easy to see what paper you have and you can grab and go without pulling out the whole container.


I also have a smaller bookcase where I store my catalogs, magazines, small albums and my stack and store spinners.  Let me tell you, I LOVE these spinners and for some reason it just makes me so happy and ready to embellish when I see them sitting out in a row.

Tip: Use a magnetic board (again, I found this one at IKEA) to put up cards or projects that inspire you.  Hang embellishments that you want to use but don’t have an easy storage space with magnetic clips so that they are in front of you (so you remember to use them) and easy to grab and then put away.  You can also get magnetic spice containers with clear lids to store small items like die cuts, brads, or gems.IMG_1106

Finally, I have my punch storage.  These rods work perfectly for the old style of punches and I recently found that the hanging wire baskets that you can get to go with them are just the right size for the new slim style of punches.  It’s the perfect system for a punch junkie like me.  These rods were in the kitchen section of IKEA and are the Bygel collection.  They are something like $1.99 per rod and $1.99 per basket, I love cheap and super functional!IMG_1107So that is my craft space.  Hopefully you saw some new idea or at least a reminder for one of your own projects.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what organization solution you like or if you have some new ideas for me!  Until next time, I’m off to make a mess again!

5 responses to “Organizing my craft room”

  1. s you will see in a few days mine is not so neat but I do have a place set up for our favorite boy to sleep (or play while we play)

  2. Love the craft room, especially the rack for the punches. Don’t know what we are going to do to organize the new style punches but the towel bar works great and you can get to them quickly and put them back just as easily. Thanks for sharing your craft space with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I really liked your rods for the punches and especially the baskets. I live a long ways from IKEA, but it just might be worth the trip.

  4. Thank you for sharing your craft space! I am going to be making a room for myself (currently using the basement space my late hubby made me) but it is so small and dark and HOT in the summer. I have no need for s “computer” room anymore since I use a laptop, so this is going to be my summer project. I love how organized your space is. My stuff is currently in stacks and piles and I spend most time “digging”. Thank you!!

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