Viva Las Vegas! A chance to win a $50 gift certificate

2008 Sema Truck Show Las Vegas Sign My first vacation since my wonderful baby boy was born is almost here!  My husband and I will be traveling to Las Vegas to watch our very good friends get married.  This is extra special for me because it was my invitation to a night of rock climbing at a local gym that got my two friends to meet and now, look what happened!

Of course while we are in Vegas we’ll be staying at one of the casino hotels and as I was thinking about this, I thought, why not share the Vegas fun on my blog!

roulette boardIntroducing Stamping Roulette!

So, here is how it works.  I have a modified Roulette board with each spot available for a name.  Here is how to play:

  • When you place a $25 order with me, you get a spot on the board.
  • Place a $50 order, you get two spots on the board, $75… you get the idea.
  • If you decide now is the time to join my team, you get 3 spots on the board just for signing up!

Once the board is full, I’ll spin the wheel and where the ball lands gives the person on that number a $50 shopping spree!  That’s right, that $25 order could land you a $50 shopping spree.

Bonus Spin:
Since I’m feeling lucky if we fill the board by Oct 1st, I will spin the wheel a second time and give away another $20 gift certificate.  Both online and offline orders count for this promotion.

Visit my online store or email me at to pick your spot on the board!

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