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Pictures from Mom and Me

What a whirlwind spring!  There have been tons of family visits, stamping events, and work deadlines.  That has kept me away from my computer as much as normal but also means I have a backlog of great things to show you! 


First up, I thought I would share some of the projects we did as part of the mom & me event.  I tried to keep the cards simple with plenty of opportunity for kids of all ages to get involved.  So, I’m thinking of going back and sprucing up some of my examples now (like coloring in some of the images that I left as outlines for kids to color or leave as is) but since I want to get a post up, I’ll show you there current state. 🙂

 And my SCS blogging group, sorry I’ve been away so long but I’m back and will be visiting your blogs very soon!


Here are the cards we did:















This is a photo frame we did using a CD case as the holder. All you have to do is pop the cover off of the case and then rotate the cover so it would stand up if the cd case base was on the table.  Pop the cover back on and then slide in your decorated background.  In the second picture, I didn’t have a photo printed out to put in the frame, so I put a red piece of card stock in to show you how you don’t glue down the top left corner so it can sit over your photo.  🙂  Its easy, peasy!cd_photomat_wmcd_photomat2_wm

Using Crystal Effects

babybestwishes_wm1So tonight was our Crystal Effects night, and I think everyone learned something new – myself included!  I ended up staying up late last night as I kept finding new ways to use crystal effects that I wanted to try.  If you haven’t heard of crystal effects, it is this great thick clear liquid laquer for using on craft projects.  The most straightforward use is to add a bit of gloss or shine to your projects by applying some Crystal Effects on top of a stamped image.  However, there are a ton of fun and creative other uses. 

I made a few samples of some different techniques last night.  So we talked about those different ideas and then set to work making a few items to take home.  Tonight we made Faux brads, Laquered die cuts, and a card using colored Crystal Effects on a transparency.  However, here are some of the different ideas for how you could use crystal effects:

  1. Add a touch of gloss to a stamped image
  2. Use crystal effects as a base for glitter.  Drop some crystal effects onto a stamped image and then cover in glitter.  Tap off excess glitter and allow to dry.
  3. Create Faux Brads by punching out a circle of paper and placing it over a glue dot.  Add some crystal effects to the top and you are ready to go!
  4. Create dew drops by dropping some crystal effects onto wax paper or the backing for the stickers from your stamp sets.  Add a bit of reinker color to make different colored drops.
  5. Color with crystal effects by mixing some crystal effects and reinker, and then using a brush or toothpick, color in a stamped image for a colored, glossy effect.
  6. Make a 3D embellishment by drawing a shape with crystal effects on wax paper (or the sticker backing) and then pouring glitter on top.   Allow to dry and then pop-off.
  7. Create laquered die cuts.  Cut out a shape in chipboard (in my case, I cut out the left over piece from a chipboard die cut after I popped out the die cut).  Glue the chipboard to a piece of designer paper.  Fill in the die cut space with crystal effects and allow to dry.
  8. Make glittering transparencies.  Mix some crystal effects with some reinker and dazzling diamonds.  Use a paintbrush to apply the colored crystal effects to the backside of a stamped transparency.  Allow to dry and attach to your card or project.


Is it possible to craft without making a mess?

Well, I’m going to have to make this post quick, but I thought I would post the progress I’m making on a project since it seems to be taking me a while to complete it.  🙂

So, on Sunday (or was it Monday?) I started trying to get things together for my open scrap day on Saturday.  I’m putting together some kits for folks who aren’t going to be bringing their own project.  One of the kits is going to be a two page 12×12 scrapbook layout.  I thought “one layout shouldn’t be so hard” but when I sat down with my papers, I realized that the only 12×12 paper that I had enough for everyone (if everyone got a kit) for the base pages was Glorious Green.  So I started from there. and it turned out to be a more challenging color base than I expected.  scrapbook_pgsI because obsessed with creating this layout to the point that I keep futzing with it instead of moving on to my other kits. 

Finally last night, I found my groove and got the layout close enough to done (I need my BigShot that is in transit to finish it completely) that I’m going to move on to other projects tonight.

Now, my “craft room” is also mine and my DH’s office and it is complete disaster – never got fully unpacked and now is a mess of half unpacked boxes and stacks of paper, books, and knick knacks.  So, until I get that straightened up, I’ve been taking over my dining room.  Last night, when I got home from work, I walked into my dining room and saw this:


I’ve now decided that I can’t work on a project and have my space by clean.  I also don’t know how some of you work on dresser tops and coffee tables.  🙂 My paper, scrap, and accessory piles are too big for that.  Does anyone craft and stay tidy at the same time?

The bookcase that was supposed to be for books and instead is my SU storage space.