Stampin’ Up! Convention 2013 Day 2–What a Day!!

ccOh my goodness!  Day 2 was a jam packed day and it was an incredible day for me personally.  I am still coming down off of my adrenaline rush and I’ll try to share as much as I can before I pass out. Smile

So Much News in General Session!

The morning started out with us getting to the convention hall a little over an hour before the general session was set to start.   Of course there was a big line of people already!  But we just sat down in our place in line, ate our breakfast box, and swapped with everyone around us.  I loved how no one was grumpy or pushy, everyone just settled in and enjoyed themselves.

2013-07-19 07.58.57

And look at one of the samples I saw today:

Six sided sampler thank you card

Cuuuute! Right?
(If you know the name of the demo who created this card, please let me know so I can give them credit, my cell camera just ate the picture of the back of this swap!)

So then general session started (see the snazzy stage – I finally got a good picture of it)

2013-07-19 08.35.32

There were lots, and lots, and lots of fantastic stamping demonstrations and ideas.  And yes, I’ll be posting more of those pictures soon too.  These late nights are killing me for getting all the photos reviewed and uploaded.

2013-07-19 09.27.242013-07-19 09.36.422013-07-19 09.45.57

oh, and did I mention, new product announcements?!

New Products are here and coming!

Besides some great ideas for new products that are coming out in the holiday catalog (if you haven’t gotten your copy yet and need one, let me know!) So we learned some cool ideas with a paper bow die, with new papers, stamps, and accessories.

But then the product announcements started coming…
(sorry, I can’t share pictures of the actual products that are coming soon per SU rules)

  • A new envelope scoring and punch board! It gives you dimensions to cut a sheet of paper into a square.  Then you line it up on the board to score the creases (with the included scoring tool) and has built in punches to punch out the notches in the side (so the flaps fold nicely) and a punch to round your corners.  It is super cool!
    Plus it has dimensions for 66 different sizes of envelopes! 
    – I hear it will be around $19.95 and come out maybe in September (but don’t hold me to that!)
  • New swing / flip flop card framelit template with awesome accent elements!
    So these are those cards that have an element built into the page that when you open the card, the element swings and flips over.  Ok, yeah, that doesn’t make sense…. but it is really cool.  And they are coming out with a framelit set so you don’t have to do the 11 steps it takes to make it by hand… you just cut with the framelit and you are done!  — I won one of these too!!! So watch for samples!
  • Undefined product line!  Make your own personal stamp… literally!

    I know it sounds hard and intimidating, but it is easier than it sounds! I even did it!
    So, this is a kit that comes with rubber, foam, wood blocks, a marker, postcards, and carving tools.  I thought it was going to be really hard, but after seeing some of the amazing designs people were creating this afternoon, I realized it had to be easier than I was giving it credit for.
    2013-07-19 15.08.26
    This is available TODAY and you can check out the details here.

You can even see what stamp I created that afternoon


Mini Classes, Display Boards, Rewards, & More

Whew, this is getting long, so I’ll try to be fast.  But the afternoon was still jam packed and we had lots of opportunity to check out the amazing inspiration boards, chat with other demonstrators, participate in stamping & learning mini classes, do make & take card projects, and see the new products.

I spent most of my time doing some stamping, relaxing, and making my own personal stamp!  But check out this cute bag we made in one of the classes!

Awards Night

Now every year, Stampin’ Up! holds an awards night.  It is a time to honor some amazing achievements of some wonderful demonstrators, laugh at the silly jokes, and hear what the upcoming incentive trips are.

2013-07-19 19.12.40

I’ll admit, I’ve never attended a full awards night, but last year I went to half of it and realized how inspiring it was for me to see just how successful some demonstrators can be.  Sure, I may not be selling $171,000 in sales in a year (that is how much the top US demonstrator sold!!) but if she can do that, I can grow my business and get a little bit closer.

So, we got in just as it started and cheered for the honorees.

We learned

  • that next year’s Getaway Vacation is to Washington DC (SUPER COOL!)
  • the Grand Vacation next year is an awesome trip to Hawaii!

I am grateful to have earned the getaway this year and will be headed to San Diego in September, but those trips next year seem pretty cool too!

I also was able to earn a couple awards this year, but nothing that caused me to have my name announced and for me to walk across the stage…..

that is until I was distracted by some work and suddenly I heard my name called!

I was announced as one of the top 100 demonstrators in the US and awarded a trip to the Founder’s Circle retreat in St. George, UT!


Wow!  I was crying as I went up on stage, was given a beautiful lei and handbag, got a hug from Stampin’ Up! founder Shelli Gardner, and walked across that stage!  Amazing!

I knew I worked hard this last year, but there are always so many ways you can do better and so I never expected to achieve this – but I’m so appreciative that I did.

[I’ll have to post pictures later as all the pictures were taken with other people’s cameras Smile)

After Party

Finally the night ended with a big party with an 80’s cover band, cupcakes, performers, games, and more prizes.

2013-07-19 21.14.042013-07-19 21.15.462013-07-19 21.11.41

It was an amazing day and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have it!  I’ve probably missed more stuff to share but I’ll try to catch up tomorrow if I did.

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