Simply Sent Card Element Kit Challange

Between Christmas and New Year’s, I was visiting family out in Oklahoma.  I knew there would be lots of time spent hanging out with family, especially playing with my 6mo old nephew; but I also knew there would be downtime when the guys were playing video games or we were just all sitting around doing our own thing.  I figured I would bring my Flower Power Simply Sent card elements kit with me as something fun for me to do during the downtime.  I even brought my matching stamps and inks.  The items I didn’t bring for some reason – my Stampin Mist stamp cleaner and Stampin Scrub cleaning pad!  So I challenged myself to create a stack of interesting cards without using any stamps. 

ss_flowerpowerkitI started with the brand new Simply Sent kit, adhesive, Stampin Dimensionals, a paper cutter, and scissors.  No extra paper, no extra embellishments, just the kit.  The nice thing is that the kit came with stickers, ribbon, brads, and buttons in addition to the cardstock and designer paper, so I had lots of options.  After making one card, I realized I should take a picture to show you what I started with. 

Then I spent a couple days designing the cards (I never can settle on the designs I’m given, I always have to change them 🙂 ).  However, because I changed the designs, I was able to create 11 cards from the kit and even have extra ribbon and paper scraps to spare.  Its a pretty good deal when the kit is only $16!

Here are the resulting cards I made.  I’ll probably do a little bit of stamping on them when I get home, but they work as is too.  If you have made cards using embellishments and paper, but no stamps, leave me a comment with a link to your card – I’d love to see what other people have done.


Order this kit online from me and I will send you the instructions for how to make the above 11 cards from your kit.

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