Prepping for a Portland-area craft fair

This friday I’m participating in my first craft fair and it has been keeping me busy this week.  I’ve been trying get my supplies in order and then power-craft to get everything ready to go.  Last night, Kally came over to make up the cards for her blog candy (I can’t wait to see the pictures because I forgot to take some of my own!).  We spent a while designing the cards and then she started putting them together while I worked on items for the craft fair.  Here are the first couple of finished products I will be selling.  They are gift card holders and a picture frame embellished with some rub-ons (on sale now!) and some designer paper and stamps. 

If you have some time on Friday from 1-8pm, come visit me at the Holiday Bazaar at the College of Legal Arts – 8909 SW Barbur Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97219!


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