NEW Stampin’ Up! Ink Pad and Marker Storage is here!

New Ink and marker storage for Stampin up inks - Northwes Stamper

When Stampin’ Up released the new style of ink pad last year, I was excited to try it out. The compact and stackable shape was great, however, with inks – storage is important. I had mine in my ink spinning rack, but the new shape slides around a bit. So I’m super excited to share that they are launching the NEW Stampin’ Up! Ink Pad and Marker Storage today – and it looks even better than I expected!

Customizable Storage for Stampin Up Inks and markers
Look, Mom! Its configurable storage! Mix and match and set up to fit your space.
Shown: 4 sets of Ink Pad & Marker trays, 1 set of Stampin’ Blends trays, 1 Open Storage cube, 1 storage tray topper, 2 storage lids

Customize Your Stampin’ Up! Ink and Marker Storage to just what you need – just when you need it!

So, I’m not going to lie, I’ve looked at other storage systems before; but one of my challenges was trying to figure out how many slots I needed not only for the supplies I have now… but for what I planned to buy in the future. Because they come in fixed number of slots. Mix in the challenge of trying to figure out how much space I had for said storage (do I go vertical or horizontal, on a shelf or my desk) – and well, it could get complicated.

That is why I was so pleasantly surprised with the solution that Stampin’ Up! is releasing today. It lets you pick out exactly the pieces you need now… and you can mix/match/and add on later and know that everything is going to fit and everything is going to go together!

Here are your options to mix and match with:

  • Ink Pad & Marker Storage Trays – comes in a set of 5 trays that hold a new style ink pad and the option to store a Stampin’ Write (or round barrel) marker. Total storage = 5 ink pads + 5 markers
  • Stampin’ Blends Storage Trays – comes in a set of 5 trays that hold 6 Stampin’ Blends per tray. Total storage = 30 Stampin’ Blends or other similar sized alcohol ink markers
  • Open Storage Cube – comes in a set of 1 cube that you can use to store punches, at least 7 standard sized spools of ribbon, or it appears 3 of the half-sized wood-mount stamp cases that you can fill with embellishments, scraps, or stamps!
  • Storage Lid – comes in a set of 1 that you can use this to make a finished look to the top of your stack of storage cubes or trays. It works with any of the pieces!
  • Storage Topper – comes in a set of 1 that you can use to top of any stack you create of storage cubes or trays. It is sized to hold ink refills but I may use it to hold extra ink pads like my Stazon or Memento ink. Total storage = 20 ink refills

Some important things to know about this Stampin’ Up! Ink Pad & Marker Storage

Can’t wait to design your perfect storage configuration? Let me make sure I’ve answered some of the important questions first so you can dive right in.

Will this hold the old style ink pads?
No. This compact mix and match design was created based around the dimensions of the new style of ink pads.

How tall can I stack my Storage Trays?
Stampin’ Up was able to stack 50 ink & marker trays in a single tower and have it work! However, while the Storage by Stampin’ Up! products are sturdy, the higher you stack them, the less stable they’ll become. So, I would recommend trying out stacks of 10-15 at first. You can play with stacking them taller and see how well it works with your table.

Can these be mounted on the wall?
No. They are designed to be stacked together and sit on a table.

Do I need to worry about them sliding around or scratching up my table?
We got you covered! Each tray set comes with silicone feet that you can attach to the bottom to protect your surfaces and keep them from sliding.

So how can you save on your Storage Configuration?

While Stampin’ Up! doesn’t have any bundles as of right now for these new Storage pieces, there are a couple ways you can save:

  1. Get some free with Stampin’ Rewards when you host a party or place a $150+ order.
  2. Order your storage as part of the Demonstrator Starter Kit! The starter kit gives you $125 of your choice of product for only $99 plus tax (shipping is free). So you can get extra pieces for your preferred configuration for free!
  3. If you are a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, you automatically get 20% or more discounted off the retail price of each component! Yay!


Order $30 or more of Storage by Stampin’ Up from me this week and I’ll send you a bonus Storage Lid for free.
To get this gift, please use host code 7YTHWE6W for orders less than $150 (if your order is over $150, you do not need to use the host code, your bonus will be sent to you automatically)

Shop Storage Solutions here

If you have questions or need help picking out your Stampin’ Up Ink pad and marker storage configuration – email me at or leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help!

Thanks for reading! Shop Stampin' Up by clicking here

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