How to Get Started with Stampin’ Up! for FREE!

imageHave you been thinking about getting the Stampin’ Up! starter kit and getting all the perks of being a demo, but the cost has been keeping you from jumping on the great offers out there?

We all know the starter kit is a great deal – picking out $125 in your choice of product for only $99 + FREE shipping; plus with the bonus project kit right now, you get an extra $20-$30 worth of goodies free too!  But, if the $99 all at one time is a bit daunting, I wanted to share with you this great math that my fellow demonstrator, Lyssa Zwolanek, came up with that makes it not only FREE to get your starter kit, but you earn extra money too!

Check out how you can do it too!


  1. You host a party with me and all of your friends.  Because, no matter what, a night of stamping with friends is awesome!
  2. Your party hits $400 in sales that night (which typically earns $80 in commission, but wait for it… it gets better!)
  3. We sign you up as a demonstrator that night and you pick out your $125 in product PLUS the free project kit & accessories; and we put the $99 starter kit on your credit card.
  4. You are a demonstrator instantly!!

~ But where does the free part come in?  Just watch it all add up! ~

  • Together we enter the orders for your party with you as the demonstrator.
  • Because your first demo order was over $150 you actually get 30% commission – so you get $120 commission right then!
  • And since it was $400 or more, you get volume rebates so you get an extra 5% – so another $20
  • Plus, you are not only the demonstrator but you are also the hostess, so you get the hostess benefits for the party which are at least $65 in free product plus 1 half price item!
  • This order also meets your quarterly minimums, so you are set as an active demonstrator with all the perks until March 2014!  That means preordering the newest stuff, discounts on all your orders, earning commission on all orders you place, demonstrator only forums, being a member of my Fun n’ Crafty group with our monthly meetings and Facebook group, and more!
  • You are also almost half way to promoting to Senior Associate and well on your way to earning free stamps as part of Stampin’ Start!

That sounds great!  Now what?

I’m super excited to help everyone take advantage of this fabulous math, and we are going to do it together!

So, how it works is that before your party, we will get together (or talk over the phone if we need) and plan what projects you want to show.  We’ll talk about what we need to do to make your event a huge success and if you need to borrow stamps or supplies to kick things off – I totally have you covered!

At your party, we’ll set up together and you can walk everyone through the projects we’ll be making.  I’ll take care of talking through the catalog and specials so you can relax, enjoy, and observe.  If any of your friends is interested in hosting their own party and helping you out as you get started as a demo, we’ll put it on your calendar and get you that jump start!

Afterwards, I’ll total all the orders up as you relax and hang out with your friends.  Then we can together get you signed up as a demonstrator and put in the orders under your name.  Woo hoo!

But what happens if my party doesn’t hit $400?

No worries!  You have a couple options:

  1. We still sign you up as a demonstrator that night and enter the party in your name.  Any difference in commission you earn vs the starter kit you can just make up and tell your family it is an early Christmas gift to you. Smile  You still get all the extra freebies that come along with it, so you are still coming out ahead!
  2. Decide you are just going to be the hostess for the evening.  You get all the hostess benefits and you had a fabulous time stamping with your friends.  Sweet!

You have nothing to lose!

So to recap it all –

You help plan and host a party for you and your friends.

The party orders is $400 or more

You get

  • $125 in product with your starter kit
  • $65 in free product as part of hostess benefits
  • 1 half price item of your choice
  • $140 in cash/commissions
    – all for $99 plus tax.

So, in the end you just got $190 in product and $40 in cash, all in exchange for hosting a fun night of stamping with your friends!

Sounds awesome, right?  If you want to get started planning your party and join Stampin’ Up! and my team of Fun n’ Crafty demonstrators, give me a call or shoot me an email at and we’ll get you going!  I can’t wait to help you get started.  Smile


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