Yet another holiday gift box

So, after finishing my DVD sized gift box for my Holiday Boxes, Bags, and Tags class, I decided I wanted to try to make a box where the top didn’t completely cover the sides (ie – you can see the bottom half of the box when you are looking at it from the side.)  I tried digging around a bit for a template but couldn’t seem to find one so I started experimenting (I’m sure there is one out there but I just missed it).  Since this was a complete experiement, I grabbed some spare cardstock I had lying around to try it out. 

The finished box is roughly 5×5 but I think I could tighten up the measurements a little.  The nice thing is that since I started with two 12×12 sheets of paper, I had enough scrap to make a band to surround the box plus paper to make a little holiday bow (yeah, that wasn’t my best work ever, but it made the point :p).  I did however use my Heard from the Heart stamp set to add a sentiment to the box band.


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