Yay! A My Digital Studio Digital Downloads Catalog!

I love that Stampin’ Up! has gotten into digital scrapbooking/crafting and that they are so committed to it that they are releasing new downloads pretty much every week.  The thing that hasn’t been so great is that you had to sift through old and new download images in the online store to try to see what all the downloads looked like.

Well no more! Yay! I’m so excited about this!

Ta Da!

My Digital Studio Catalog

Now there is a PDF catalog showing all the available downloads!

This is so much easier to browse through and see what everything looks like and what all is included in each download.  And because they are adding new downloads as often as weekly, each month they will be updating the catalog as well.  I’ve added a link to the catalog on the right side of my blog and I’ll be sure to keep updating that link as they refresh the catalog.  Or, you can check it out on MyDigitalStudio.net.

If you haven’t visited MyDigitalStudio.net yet and you do digital crafting or are thinking of dabbling in digital crafting, you should totally check it out.  They have lots of tutorials and samples both from pros and everyday users like yourself!  It’s a great resource.

Then, once you’ve figured out which digital stamps, embellishments, and/or kits are perfect for your projects, then you can hop on over to the online store, purchase them, and download them on the spot!  Talk about instant gratification. Smile

So check out the catalog and I’d love to hear what your favorite downloads are!

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