Another Great Idea for Gifts with Clearmount Stamp Cases

In my last post, I shared an idea for using the half-height woodmount stamp cases to make Embellished Gift Sets.  So, I thought I would share another idea for you using stamp cases (I swear, I’ve been having too much fun with empty stamp cases lately!).

Gift Idea #3 – Coordinated Journaling Sets

This is a really fun way to create a pen and notebook set that you can take anywhere and toss in a purse or bag and not have to worry about crumbs in the pages or crinkled & torn pages.

To get started, you want to grab:

  • Clearmount stamp cases
  • a mini composition notebook
  • a pen with a clear round barrel
  • a 12×12 piece of designer paper
  • Sticky strip
  • extra cardstock, stamps, ink, and embellishments as desired

The outside is simply cutting a piece of designer paper to fit inside the plastic cover (like the movie cover on a DVD) and then embellishing it to fit your style and mood.

Then on the inside, take a mini-composition notebook and using the extra scrap from the patterned paper from you cover, cut a piece that will fit over the front cover of the little notebook.  Decorate the notebook cover to coordinate with your box.

We also found pens that we could unscrew the tip and fit a rolled up piece of the same designer paper around the ink barrel to make a coordinating set (we found ours in the dollar spot at Target with 2 pens for $1).  Fold your last bit of scrap into a hollow square to create a tube to hold your pen.

Then adhere your notebook and the pen tube to the inside of the stamp case with Sticky Strip to ensure nothing will move – ever – and you have a great little notebook.  You even have room for a chapstick tube or a pack of gum if you need an emergency stash!

We created a TON of these cases because they were so much fun to make and I have to say, I think this was my favorite:

If you want to see more ideas and/or would like to buy one or more for gifts, I have all of extra inventory up on the blog so you can see the different ideas and purchase your favorites (or share with your family and friends and let them purchase your favorite for you Winking smile)

See all the Journaling Kit designs & more Gift Boxes for sale here

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