A Pretty Pleated Thank You Card

As I was putting together my Cards to Go kits for this month, I was trying to decide what to make for my third card.  I had so many ideas but wanted something that would be a good balance for the set this time.  So, as I was looking around for inspiration, I saw a card that I had sketched out recently and decided it was the perfect starting point.  In the end, this is what I ended up with:

The coolest part of this card to me is the butterfly.  The butterfly was actually originally a mistake when I was trying to do a different style butterfly for a demo.  I totally cut off the wrong petal from the new Blossom die but when I stepped back, I decided I liked this version better!  So of course, I had to use it in a card. 🙂

I hope everyone getting the kits this month enjoy this and the other cards in them!

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One response to “A Pretty Pleated Thank You Card”

  1. I have to agree that the way you cut this butterfly (I did it the same way when I tried) is much better. Looks a bit more natural 🙂 Beautiful card!

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