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  • Stampin’ Up! Leadership 2015- Day 1 Recap

    Stampin’ Up! Leadership 2015- Day 1 Recap

    So, after going to bed Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 3:30am and then getting up at 7:30, I told myself I was going to go to bed by midnight tonight.  (I couldn’t really go to bed earlier than that because I had an event that didn’t get me home until 11pm)…. so, it is now 12:45am […]

  • Stampin’ Up Leadership Convention 2014–Day 1

    Oh. My. Word.  I just finished the first day of Stampin Up’s Leadership conference and there has been so much great stuff that has been happening that I’m going to have to be super brief so I can try to share it all with you!  That and the fact that it is almost 3am here […]

  • Scrapbooking Sunday: Sent with Love–a Leadership Layout

    If you remember, this was my first year attending Leadership convention.  I was so excited that I had promoted to Manager and so I had earned an entry into Manager’s Reception.  Well, this year, Manager’s Reception was at Harry Potter’s Wizardly World in Orlando.  Um, yes please!! The whole weekend was super fun and so […]

  • Quick Hello from Leadership!

    Yesterday was travel and check-in day here in Orlando for the 2013 Leadership convention and I think I was going non-stop all day.  From the overnight flight that only let me sleep for about 3.5 hrs total to Manager’s Reception going late into the evening at Harry Potter World!  Its been a blast but I […]