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  • Craft Room Organization Tips and Ideas

    I was sharing on my Facebook page last week the utter scariness of my craft room after I decided that I needed to rearrange my furniture…again… and get a new bookcase to hold my stamps.  I did not expect this project to take over my craft room floor so completely!  Yikes! See, it all started […]

  • Organizing my craft room

    Between the big color renovation, the old catalog retirement, and getting ready for convention, my craft area had become a disaster zone.  You know the feeling… table buried under paper scraps, adhesive backing, ribbon, stamps, half completed projects. Well, I decided it was time to dig out and get organized so I can start using […]

  • Working on my new craft room

    Ever have one of those projects that keep you obsessed until you get it done? My craft room is one of those projects. After two weeks of being super busy (out of town on a business trip and my MIL visiting), the house is finally quiet again.    While my MIL was here, she helped […]

  • Is it possible to craft without making a mess?

    Well, I’m going to have to make this post quick, but I thought I would post the progress I’m making on a project since it seems to be taking me a while to complete it.  🙂 So, on Sunday (or was it Monday?) I started trying to get things together for my open scrap day […]