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  • Last Minute Valentine Card Ideas from Leadership

    Last Minute Valentine Card Ideas from Leadership

    I have had a TON of cards sitting on my camera begging to get edited and shared with the world, and finally I had time yesterday to spend most of the day editing them.  So, with Valentine’s day just around the corner, I thought I would share some of the great card swaps I received […]

  • Stampin’ Up! Leadership 2014–Day 3

    By day 3 of Leadership, I’ve discovered that this was exactly what I was needing right now and didn’t even know it!  December was a wonderful time but I hadn’t realized that I so stressed and running so nonstop, that I was still stressed and worn out now even though the craziness of birthday and […]

  • Stampin’ Up! Leadership 2014–Day 2!

    Day 1 of Leadership was awesome – amazing product announcements, great presentations by top demonstrators, and lots of being just a little bit silly with friends at Manager’s Reception! So, I was excited and ready to go (even on little sleep) to head in for day 2.  Here is a taste of what was in […]

  • Stampin’ Up Leadership Convention 2014–Day 1

    Oh. My. Word.  I just finished the first day of Stampin Up’s Leadership conference and there has been so much great stuff that has been happening that I’m going to have to be super brief so I can try to share it all with you!  That and the fact that it is almost 3am here […]