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  • A Day of Travel to Leadership 2015

    A Day of Travel to Leadership 2015

    It took all day to get from the Northwest tip of the United States all the way down to the Southeast point of the country… but boy is it going to be worth it! The sun was rising when we got to the airport… and the plane headed to our stop over destination, Phoenix was […]

  • You Did It! Winning Craft Wars: Paper Pumpkin Card

    If you were reading my recap of Leadership, I mentioned a fun activity they ran over the course of the conference.  They called it “Craft Wars: Paper Pumpkin”!  Now, I’ll admit, I haven’t ever watched Craft Wars but I get the general idea (or at least have a guess). You have a pile of miscellaneous […]

  • One Last Look at Leadership

    Well, Leadership is over and I survived my 2am wakeup call to get me to the airport for my cross-country 6am flight.  (Eek! that was early!) But before I completely crash for the night, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from the event. It starts with the little things – like getting […]

  • Stampin’ Up! Leadership–Day 2 Reveals!

    Ok, so it is 2am Orlando time and I really should be sleeping because our wakeup call is only 5 hours away, but I had to stay up to share some of the awesome stuff I saw and heard at Leadership today (well, yesterday technically, but since I haven’t slept, I’ll call it today! You […]

  • Quick Hello from Leadership!

    Yesterday was travel and check-in day here in Orlando for the 2013 Leadership convention and I think I was going non-stop all day.  From the overnight flight that only let me sleep for about 3.5 hrs total to Manager’s Reception going late into the evening at Harry Potter World!  Its been a blast but I […]

  • Did You See This Valentine’s Special?

    Tonight is the night I catch a plane and head to Orlando for the Stampin’ Up! Leadership convention!  I’m super excited to go, especially since this is my first time going plus it is the 25th Anniversary year, so rumor has it there is some awesome stuff in store. Also, thanks to my amazing customers […]