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  • From Scraps to Shiny Sweet

    Yesterday, I was trying to finally unbury my craft table…again!  I had everything piled up from the last two weeks, including all the odds & ends from my spare table that I used for prep work for my events that I took down over the weekend.  I was sooooo excited to be down to just […]

  • 3 Cheers For You!

    Are you in the party and festive spirit yet?  I know for me once the Christmas music starts up in the stores and the sparkling lights and ornaments come up, I feel like its party season – even though I don’t go to that many parties (thanks to two small kiddos) but I still love […]

  • Manly Monday Card–Happy Hour

    So, I’m coming off a fun weekend where my Fabulous Fall class focused on fall colors and cards that could be used for guys.  So, while I go take pictures of those cards, I thought I would share another card that I love that follows in that theme of fall and/or manly cards. (I would […]