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  • Easy Events Sparkly Fun Birthday Card

    Happy Saturday!  Saturdays are for fun right?  I plan to head out to a local berry patch with my family to pick blueberries…which should be interesting with a 1 year old.  But I figure that given that he is so good at picking the berries off our bushes at home (especially the green ones!) I […]

  • Back and Blogging Again!

    Hello again!  Thanks for visiting again after my recent blog hiatus! :)  For those of you that didn’t know, I just finished a big move from California to Washington state.  Its been a crazy couple of weeks for finishing getting ready to go, driving myself, my hubby, my son, and 3 cats in a minivan […]

  • Baby brag book and photo frame

    My friend Sue was so excited to share the news of her new baby granddaughter born a couple weeks ago.  This is her second grandbaby and it was her daughter who gave birth and everytime I talked with her you could hear the excitement and pride in her voice.  So, I had to make her […]

  • Using Crystal Effects

    So tonight was our Crystal Effects night, and I think everyone learned something new – myself included!  I ended up staying up late last night as I kept finding new ways to use crystal effects that I wanted to try.  If you haven’t heard of crystal effects, it is this great thick clear liquid laquer […]

  • A stamping snack to tide you over

    I finished my first week on the new job and then saturday did a day trip to Seattle to hand off some stampin catalogs and then go to the geekiest of all concerts – Video Game Live.  Yes, it is a concert at one of the large broadway theaters where there was a choir and […]