Mini Composition Notebook Cases from Stamp Cases

Yesterday I had grand visions of all I was going to get done and all the projects I was going to make and videos I was going to finish editing (that’s the sad part, I have the videos recorded, I just haven’t edited them yet).  But instead it turned into a day of finishing prepping for my holiday card class and working with my mom to finish planning for a craft fair in November.

Its been a blast to figure out fun projects to make and pick out papers, stamps, and designs for the different projects.  One of the projects I was having a ton of fun with yesterday was working on decorated mini composition notebooks.

Mom and I were trying to figure out how to do the insides so we had a “Craft-Off” and each used the same paper for the cover and did our version of the inside.

Here is mine:

Mini composition notebook case with Happy Day

Here is hers:

Mini composition notebook case with Simply Sketched

So these are the insides of a Stampin’ Up! clear mount stamp case (we got the extras you can buy in packs of 4).  We used a piece of designer paper for the cover of the case and then on the inside used the same paper to:

  • Decorate the cover of a mini-composition notebook
  • Line the inside of a ballpoint pen
  • Create a pen holder to keep it from rolling around
  • and in mom’s case, create a cute sentiment inside the case

Both of us really like the Happy Day stamp set for their sentiments for this project and I thought the images in the set made for cute accents as well. 


Happy Day – item #130294 (130297 clear)
25% off!  $16.46 w/ $12.71 c

So I don’t think we have a winner for her craft off because while I like my version, I think hers is really pretty too!  Though I think she had the secret weapon of the Simply Sketched hostess set because you can pretty much never go wrong with that set!

Now to just finish decorating the front!

But I had so much fun picking out paper and stamps for the rest of these cases that we are making for the craft fair and I love the idea of having a notebook and pen in my purse that isn’t going to get all smashed up, dirty, and lots in the my “Mary Poppins bag” that I carry. Smile  Hopefully everyone else at the craft fair feels the same way!

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