And now for a little bit of muzak

Well, I finished my last index card last night and had a lot of fun with it.  It is one of my rare, very simple cards.  No layers even!  Unfortunately, I waited until this morning to try to take a picture of the card before work (I’ve found the early morning light tends to be good lighting for pictures).  Sadly, we had a ton of fog and so none of my pictures turn out.  So, I’m waiting until tomorrow to try again.  Until that time…. here is my version of muzak — a non-stamping post.  I promise to get back to the stamping stuff tomorrow! 🙂


My story of the new haircut:


I’ve started getting into the bad habit of all of the sudden looking in the mirror, deciding my hair has turned into an emergency and I must get it colored/cut/styled asap.  That happened to me yesterday and so this afternoon I made an appointment for this evening for a haircut.  Of course, it being so last minute, I had no idea what I wanted other than “better than it is now”.  My stylist showed me a picture of a cute bob and I thought “what the heck” and said sure.  Unfortunately, the part I didn’t think about too well is that this hair style has bangs.  Not in the traditional blunt cut across the eyebrows way, but the sideswept, falling into your eyes kind of way.  I realized the full consequence of this when I saw all the hair falling to the floor and now am brushing my bangs to the side ever two minutes.  The worst part though, was that I was still adjusting to the haircut when my husband and I met up after he got off work.  His response? 

Him: “Did you get your haircut?” 

Me:  “Yep”. 

Him:  “Um….okaay”.   Sigh. 

I still don’t quite recognize myself in the mirror, but I think I’m going to like it tomorrow.  I think the problem is that this is a hipper haircut than I’m used to. 
But what is true in crafting is true in hair — try something different and new, it may not be perfect the first time, but you may turn out with something great you never would have thought to try.

3 responses to “And now for a little bit of muzak”

  1. Bobby pins are great. I did the same thing about this time last year. i love the cut, but not for crafting and cleaning and all the mom/wife stuff. So in goes the bobby pin and out it goes for company or outings.

    Thanks for all the ideas.

  2. I hope you have warmed up to your new but by now. It’s always hard getting use to a totally new haircut. I’m sure you look MARVELOUS!!!

  3. I hope you are getting used to your new haircut after a few days. It is always hard to get adjusted a new cut especially one that involves bangs but it will get there, I’m sure. I’m sure you look great !!

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