Do it yourself card kit – Holiday edition

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Ok, so in my last couple posts, I’ve shown a bunch of different designs 5 of which be the set we do at the Holiday Stamp-a-Stack this saturday (space still available, email me to join!).  I’ve also mentioned offering a card kit for those folks who can’t attend the workshop this weekend since I know lots of folks are busy or live further away.  After reviewing the cards we are doing at the workshop, I realized that one of the cards (the Seasons Greetings glittery trees) is a bit hard to do in a kit unless you have some specific … Read More

Holiday Stamp-a-Stack Sneak Peak – Part 2

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I told you I had more sketches than necessarily for the Holiday Stamp-a-Stack this Saturday but I decided to make them up anyway.  Unfortunately I spent way to much time last night trying to figure out how to make one of my sketches work (it never did end up working) so I only got through four more cards.  However, I think I’ve made up some cool designs so between yesterday’s cards and today’s cards I think I will have my 5 cards picked out. Here is what I made last night:                    Some … Read More

Sneak Peek at the Holiday Stamp-a-Stack

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So, Saturday is the holiday stamp-a-stack and I have been working on creating samples for some of my sketches. Last night, I was planning on getting them all done, but then I remembered I needed to finish glueing together the cardfronts for a card swap I’m in, so while I got all 11 of those cards done, I only got 3.5 cards done for the workshop on Saturday. There is still room in the group on Saturday, let me know if you would like to join us. I will also make card kits available if you cannot attend in person … Read More

Make your own card holder box

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So, I had planned to publish by this morning, the cards coming up for my Holiday Stamp-a-Stack.  However, when I started sketching out my 5 designs, the next thing I knew it was late and I had 16 designs on paper!  So, tonight I’ll be actually making up the samples but until then, here is another project I created when my mom was visiting.   We customized the sizing from a different box template to fit the 4.25″x5.5″ cards we normally make.  The lid of this box is just a flap that folds over the top of the box to … Read More

Fun & Fast Notes Thank You Card

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After 5 fun days, my mom just left town last night.  We spent pretty much every night crafting – trying new techniques, making projects, and making cards.  So, I didn’t have much time to post to my blog (sorry!) but I did come away with a few neat things to show you!  Over the next few days, I’ll post up some of the different projects we did including  making a storage box using glitter, some cards, coloring paper using shaving cream, and I’m sure more! 🙂 In the meantime, I figured I would post this small card I made this … Read More

Getting Punchy

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Last night I started playing with my word window punch some more and one of the ideas I had was to create a flower using punches.  This quickly turned into a card challenge to myself to see if I could make an interesting card that was almost entirely based on punches instead of stamps. It was a fun experiment and helped me brainstorm a ton of new ways to use punches (though most of those uses didn’t look so good when all smooshed together on one card).  In the end, I used two stamps though if I had thought to … Read More

Using the word window punch

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Yesterday I was asked by someone about ideas for different ways the word window punch could be used.  Now, one thing I love about paper punches is that they tend to be pretty versitile and the word window is no exception.  As I started brainstorming all the ways I’ve seen this punch used and new and different ideas I could try, I was amazed at how long the list was getting.  Now, I’m pretty inspired to play with some of the techniques myself.  If only it wasn’t midnight when I was ready to get punchy.  🙂 So, this week I’m … Read More

Upcoming Classes and Events

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Now that I’m a bit more settled after my move to Portland, I’m starting up some classes and events.  These events are a great way to unleash your creativity and learn a new technique or two.  I hope you can join me! Holiday Stamp-a-Stack – October 25th Ease some of the stress of the holidays by getting your holiday cards done early.  Provide a personal touch by making the cards yourself with our holiday stamp-a-stack.  We will be making 20 cards – 4 each of 5 different designs.  By the end of the afternoon, you will have a great set … Read More